Forex for Beginners: How to Start Making Money in Trading?

In order to start working on Forex, you first of all need to understand the principles by which the currency exchange generally operates. Additionally, you will definitely need knowledge about the economic development of the countries whose currencies you are involved in financial operations with, about financial markets and the way they function, and about risks.

Naturally, you also need to learn how to read charts, how to forecast the situation on the currency market, how to calculate exchange rate movements in one direction or another. You should choose a reliable broker to start working on Forex.

Forex for Beginners

Forex: what it is and how it works

Forex trading is trading on the foreign exchange market. In simple words, in Forex, people buy currency at a certain rate (preferably as cheap as possible) in order to sell it later at a higher rate and earn on the difference in currencies.

It is important to understand that there is no chaotic price change at the currency market.

Forex quotations are changing depending on a number of factors. An experienced trader before entering the trading is sure to consider these factors.

In addition, he has a fairly clear idea of how this or that currency pair will probably move in the price, due to compliance with the rules of fundamental and technical analysis.

How to work on Forex for newbies

Basically, absolutely any person can enter the Forex market and start trading. The only limitation is his financial possibilities. At the same time, any person has the right to trade independently. True, it is recommended to newbies not to jump into the market and learn to work with Forex without huge financial investments. It is better to study under the supervision of a professional trader. You can also take part in the PAMM-accounts as an investor. This way is the most simple and practical for those who do not have time and opportunity to study trading on the currency markets. It is enough to find an experienced trader, invest your money in his trade and receive profit, giving a percentage of it to the trader.

How to Start Working in Forex

First of all choose a reliable, professional broker, the trading conditions of which would suit you. Professionalism is determined by how successfully and competently the company carries out the risk management. After all, if the trader is successful enough in trading, the broker must have a sufficient reserve of funds for making payments and overlapping the positions of the major market participants. The broker should work on the market for a long time and have a good reputation. Then it is possible to say that the risk management of this broker deals with the set tasks.

How to learn to work in the Forex market

To start taking part in trading on the foreign exchange market you have to take care of installing a trading terminal. It is often recommended that beginners start with demo versions and virtual accounts, on which they can practice without risking their own real money. Once you have tested the skills you acquired during training on a demo account, working under real conditions and in real time, you can proceed to real deposits. The only thing is not to get “stuck” on demo accounts for too long – only real trading will allow you to finally get acquainted with Forex and trading to the fullest extent.

Even if you have worked in Forex before and have some experience in trading, when you change your broker or switch to a different platform, always start with demo accounts. This is necessary in order to get used to the interface, as well as to understand whether the trading conditions of a particular platform are suitable for you.

How to earn in Forex

The Forex market is a huge exchange, which earns money by buying and selling currencies. According to the Bank for International Settlements, the daily turnover of Forex market in 2021 was more than 10 trillion U.S. dollars. Naturally, its liquidity is very high. This is where traders from all over the world buy and sell currencies in order to profit from price differences.

Many people are sure that only few people make money on Forex, while the rest of the traders are wasting their time and money, sitting in front of the screen all day long. There are those who think that only professional financial analysts can make profit here. In fact, that is not quite true. There is a large number of ways to make a profit on Forex. And some of them are quite accessible for “ordinary mortals”.

How to earn on Forex from scratch

If you’ve read about Forex before, you can probably understand that you can start earning here practically from scratch. You don’t even have to be engaged in trading yourself. If you have a certain amount of money which you are ready to invest in Forex, you can give it under the personal control of professional traders. They will be engaged in trading on the market, and you will receive profit according to income of the trader. Of course, in this case you will have to pay a commission to the manager. However, for a person who does not want to understand all the intricacies of trading, such an option would be ideal.

How much do they earn on Forex?

Many beginners ask this question; however, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer. Theoretically everyone can earn from trading on the currency market as much as 100% or 1000%.

However, in reality everything is much more complicated. If you look at the facts, you can see that even experienced Forex-traders, serious companies with a worldwide reputation earn about 20% of profit per year. The most successful traders have the income ranging from 30-40% of net profit.

Some part of this money is “returned” back to the trade, some part is used for taxes. But with sufficient investment you can still earn good money – this is an undeniable fact.

How to earn on Forex for a beginner

If you have a certain amount of money that you are ready to invest in Forex, you can give it under the personal management of professional traders. They will handle the trading in the market, and you will make a profit according to the trader’s income.

One of the incredibly popular ways for beginners to earn income in Forex is through the standard copying of trades made by professional traders.

It is convenient because it is quite difficult for a newcomer without any trading experience to quickly get oriented in Forex, to analyze the market by himself.

For transactions copying, there are even special services that allow making all actions automatically. The main task for a beginner is to choose a trader, whose trades he will copy. Even experienced traders occasionally make mistakes and go into deficit.

To earn steadily on Forex

You can steadily earn on the currency market by traditional trading, by choosing a broker, which is convenient for you. You only have to constantly monitor the exchange rates, trying to buy it as cheaply as possible and sell it at higher rates.

Obviously, this requires a certain amount of experience, but with some diligence, you will be able to master the market and determine your own trading strategy. Keep in mind that you will need not only knowledge but also a steady nervous system. The market is constantly fluctuating and it is sometimes difficult to follow the chosen “course”, which leads to the loss of the invested funds.

Investing is not always the best choice. Personal trading has its own advantages. One of them is that you don’t have to pay a commission to your account manager and, accordingly, have a higher income.

Forex strategies for beginners

The best forex strategies for beginners are implemented in a systematic approach. The main principle is not to break the established rules. A deal that is missed or closed at the wrong time is often the reason to lose a lot of money.

Everyone is tempted by currency trading. Experienced traders and beginners face this problem all the time. The market tempts the human psyche with different offers and options every minute. The only way not to make a mistake (not to lose money) is to strictly follow the rules and recommendations of the chosen strategy.

Forex trading for beginners

All Forex trading for beginners comes down to finding answers to questions such as: “When will the price start to rise or fall?”, “When is it more profitable to buy or sell currency?” and the like.

This part of the work is considered the most difficult. As a rule, one or more methods are used to find solutions. All of them are combined into a whole science – “Technical Analysis”. The developed methods are reduced to the analysis of a chart of quotations by means of calculation of values of separate indicators. Technical analysis is combined with Fundamental analysis (macroeconomic indicators) in order to obtain the most accurate forecasting results.

Forex Lessons for Beginners

Every potential trader can choose one of two ways.

  1. The first is to use free Forex lessons for beginners.
  2. The second one is to purchase a paid course from a popular trainer.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Information necessary for the first successful steps as a trader of currency is guaranteed to be freely available.

Check out Rayner Teo’s free Forex lesson for beginners:

It makes sense to invest in training after you have gained some experience and practical skills. By that time, you will have a clear understanding of what course is worth paying for. You will also understand why you should do it now and not in a year.

Forex – how to start earning

How do you start earning in Forex if you have never dealt with currency before? It is very simple. The main thing is to get into the essence of what is happening, so that the new knowledge is put on the right basis. Imagine that you have a box of chocolates. Right now it costs $1,000. You can make money on this product in two ways. Option one is to wait until the price rises to 1200 and sell the chocolate. The difference between the purchase and sale price ($200) is the trader’s profit.

The second option is to sell a box of chocolates for $1,000. In this case, you must be certain that the product will fall in price to, say, $800. If the prediction comes true, you can buy back the box at a lower price. Profits are also generated by the difference in the selling and buying price.

Forex Fundamentals

The basis of Forex is the principle of the formation of the price of a particular currency. The very concept of “currency price” for a selected pair, for example euro/dollar, means the number of dollars for which one euro will be sold. For example, the price of 2 means that one euro is sold for $2. In a forex currency pair (euro/dollar or any other), the first currency is always evaluated.

In fact, if the price has fallen to 1.5, for our pair, this means that the euro has fallen in price and now it is worth $1.5. If the price goes up to 2.5, this means that the Euro has become more expensive and is now traded at 2.5 dollars. Remember – when working with currency pairs at Forex all operations are carried out with the first currency.

The psychology of Forex trading

The psychology of Forex trading helps the trader to fight the main enemies. They all live in our heads. Greed is danger number 1. Everything here is good in moderation. If a trader gets greedy too little, he misses a lot of opportunities to make money. Profitable deals remain, but their quantity and volume gradually decreases. When greed gets the upper hand, the number of unreasonably risky deals increases dramatically. The result of uncontrolled behavior is a partial sinking of the deposit or a full bankruptcy. The best way to overcome greed and other emotions is to learn to control and suppress them.

Plan and statistics. Forex market for beginners.

A Forex trading plan and statistics for beginners help market participants to improve the process of working at the exchange market. Many traders do not analyze what is happening on the market and do it in vain. Write down emotions that overcame you at the closing of each deal. Make conclusions. Why did the situation develop in this or that way? Only this approach will give an objective assessment of the situation on the market and your actions. Write down everything that is happening in minute detail. It will allow drawing the right conclusions and reaching impressive results.

Qualities of a beginning trader

The main quality of a beginning trader is the right emotional attitude. Prepare for the fact that in the first few months you will have to learn a lot. A great deal indeed. At the beginning of the way one must read professional literature, practice on a demo account, and study the rules of capital management. In the first 6-12 months you should not count on a good profit. It really is not easy, but the effort is sure to pay off. You will start getting an amount equivalent to the average salary in your city after 2-4 months. The first major victory will come later, but they will.

The first practical steps

The first practical steps in Forex trading start with taking responsibility for the result. You alone are responsible for profits and losses. The market, friends, family, relatives and even an experienced trader-mentor are not involved. Determine your main strategic goals and start moving towards them.

Break down your mission into intermediate tasks. Set adequate deadlines for their completion. Move toward the goal and constantly analyze what’s happening. Do not rush to make a million or open more positions.

It is better to make one deal a day, but understand the true reasons for what is happening.

Good luck to you on the Forex market. All the best, Proptradefirm team!

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