DT4X Trader Review: Experience, Cons & Pros

DT4X is a new prop trading firm, out of Scotland, UK, that offers instant funding up to $50,000 and fully scalable up to $1.24 million. The initial leverage offered is 1:50, after a 10% profit on their accounts.

DT4X Trader

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DT4X Trader Rating: 9,4

DT4X Trader Features:

  • Funding up to $1,240,000
  • Capital for Forex traders up to $50,000
  • Profit sharing of 60%
  • Small one time fee ($275)
  • Leverage 1:50
  • Good reputation and reviews

DT4X Trader Trading Firm Review

DT4X Trader Review

DT4X was founded in 2018 in Scotland by Mark Docherty and has grown significantly since then, with over 60 reviews from traders from around the world so far.

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DT4X Trader Review

In this article, we take a look at the backbone firm DT4X. They offer traders instant capital funding of up to $50,000 and scaling all the way through to $1.24 million. DT4X offers a large selection of top forex brokers and an aggressive capital scaling program of over $1 million. Initially the leverage offered is 1:10, then after you make 10% profit on your accounts, you can change it to 1:50 by contacting customer support for help.

The pricing for these accounts is very competitive.

The price to participate in the program is:

  • $275 for a $10,000 account
  • $575 for a $50,000 account

The profit sharing is 60%, with a maximum loss of 5%, a target profit of 5%, and a target growth of 10% for scaling the account. Which is also within the market, although some companies give conditions a little better.

All major and minor currencies and commodities are permitted, which is great for retail traders!

DT4FX allows traders to trade on both MT4 and MT5 platforms, and overnight trading is allowed, but weekend trading is currently prohibited, and you could be penalized for holding over the weekend, so make sure you do not change by market close.

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